Dan Woodward

Design Delicious Websites

Designing websites is more like the culinary arts than the visual. Thinking about your designs for the web as these permanent artifacts that will be discovered and referenced in the future is probably not a realistic venture.

I think it better to think of our designs as a piece that we toil over then hand to the user to experience and enjoy. And when they’re done, figuratively, that’s it. As the designer you then create that dish again for a new client or product.

Printed works on archival paper, crafted prints and paintings in frames displayed on walls. These are how we experience tactile visuals. Even the discipline of print design has a reprise where the design can be experienced outside it’s given context. For example, hanging adverts from the 50s on your wall as art. This will never happen with design on the web. We have yet to look back at web designs from yesteryear and appreciate them in that same vain. I don’t think this will ever happen.